A true-blue Kiwi family business story began in 2006 with a vision to deliver a wastewater system that put the environment first. Hard work, dedication, and a focus on innovation saw Waterflow New Zealand Limited go from strength to strength, growing from a team of 1 to its 17 strong team today.

Experiencing growth of 600% in the space of four years and reaching a turning point in 2019, the Waterflow management team recognised they needed a strategic partner in their accounting firm who could help them sustain their growth. The team attended a Sudburys seminar and realising they’d found the approach, skills and tools needed to keep driving the business forward, joined the Sudburys fold!

Immediate objectives included a plan to improve the accuracy and trustworthiness of their financial data as well as a review of their current sales plan.

12 months on both of those boxes have been checked with noticeable impact. Through the implementation of regular 30, 60 and 90-day action plans and monthly management meetings with their Sudburys advisor, Waterflow have achieved their immediate objectives and more!

The Waterflow team took our recommendations and ran with them. Their management team now have financial accuracy, and thanks to Waterflow’s IT whizz they have robust, easy financial management via spreadsheets that utilise the sales team income matrices, adjustments for various levels of Covid-19 impact, expense reporting, and up to date cashflow forecasting – all at the push of a button.

A new sales strategy was implemented in January 2020 which enabled the business to take more control over their sales pipeline, and despite Covid-19, this began to show success. As a result of the team’s proactive strategy, Waterflow are seeing improved profitability, a positive change in the team culture, de-risking of the business sales pipeline and better internal processes.

There’s no stopping the Waterflow team. Despite the achievements of the last 12 months, Dean and the Waterflow team are continually looking ahead to identify the next improvements they can make to their business.

It’s onwards and upwards for the Waterflow story – one Sudburys are very much proud to be a part of.

Dean Hoyle, Waterflow

Nikita from Sudburys has worked closely with the management team to implement management systems and tracking across the company and has also personally mentored the sales team to achieve their goals. Her input has completely consolidated the company’s position and it is now going from strength to strength.

Overall, we are very thankful for that one seminar we attended that has now revolutionised our company!