Succession planning

Make sure you future proof your business by having a succession plan in place well before you need it.

Planning ahead can help preserve the value of your business and make any future transition a smooth one. Sudburys can help you consider issues like transfer of assets, developing your team or recruiting your replacement as well as tax implications and possible restructuring.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to think about your end game.

Selling a business

When it comes time to sell your business, you’ll be looking for the best possible return.

Sudburys can help make that happen by preparing your business for sale. We’ll help you maximise its value by advising you on operational improvements, identifying your intellectual property and mitigating any risk factors.

Even if selling your business is a mid to long term goal, it really does pay to do the ground work and prepare for sale now.

Estate planning

If you died today, what state would you be leaving your affairs in? What happens to your business or assets when you pass away?

They’re hard questions to ask but we can help you with the answers. Sudburys can help ensure you have a comprehensive plan in place to execute your final wishes. We analyse things like your will and insurance policies before advising you on any pitfalls or a course of action to ensure you’re not leaving a headache for your family when you’re gone.

We’ll help you with the tough conversations.

Get your affairs in order today by contacting our team.