Financial Reporting

The real benefit for your business of professional financial reports is the ability to make great business decisions – and sleep easier!

Timely and meaningful information underpins the effective functioning of any organisation. As well as being a legal requirement, sound financial information is important for directing your operations, making investment decisions, undertaking transactions in confidence and keeping your bank manager happy.

In short, quality financial reporting is critical to your success.

As well as receiving quality, easy to understand financial statements, you might also like to think about our optional add ons that could really take your business to the next level – things like setting forecasts, goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), industry benchmarking and systems performance analysis.

Risk management

There are plenty of unknowns in business so why not minimise your exposure by implementing a risk management framework?

Our team create a sophisticated understanding of your company’s actual exposure across all aspects of your work. For a more specific risk report, we can drill down to do a focussed assessment on a particular area of your industry like exports.

You’ll receive a full assessment of financial risks, a comprehensive mitigation strategy and help with ongoing monitoring. You can also rest assured that our approach ticks all the boxes for the compliance and regulatory needs of board members, senior managers and other stakeholders.

Cash flow management

One of the biggest clamps on business cash flow is collection of receivables.

We can provide you with a number of options where we look after the management and follow up of customers who owe you money.

Our disciplined approach using automated systems and personal contact can ensure that your cash flow is improved and save you the time and stress needed to follow up customers for payment.

Book keeping

Sound bookkeeping gives you the platform for strong business decision making and financial planning.

We’ll look after all your bookkeeping requirements including overall chart of accounts with a setup tailored to your business, seamless integration of your systems with accounting software, and processing of invoices and receipts to make sure your records are always up to date. We’ll also arrange access to financial reports which will help you manage your business better.

Our bookkeeping services can also easily go hand in hand with the preparation of your GST returns.


We work with a range of accounting software, including Xero, so we can advise you on which package is best suited to your business.

We can streamline accounting software within your workplace and sync it with our management reporting if required.

Our team also works with Figured and Cash Manager Rural – so we’ve got your rural software needs covered too.

Sudburys also have their own software helpdesk so you can contact us anytime you’re experiencing software stress!

Tax planning

It’s one of the certainties in life so don’t let tax time sneak up on you! At Sudburys we take the headache out of your tax responsibilities - freeing you up to do what matters.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Sudburys are a trusted firm and a safe pair of hands. We’ll help you plan your tax obligations, advise of your responsibilities and optimise your deductions and benefits.

Sudburys can look after all the electronic preparation and lodgement of income tax returns, donation rebates, PAYE, Kiwisaver, GST and FBT returns. We’ll also make sure you don’t get caught out by monitoring and advising you of any tax arrears, negotiate with IRD regarding any overdue returns and payments, and give you due date payment notifications.