When it comes to change, how does your business rate in terms of capability, readiness and beliefs?

Are you missing opportunities?


In addition to COVID, there are a number of domestic and global factors driving change: fiscal and social policy, the housing market, the evolving situations in China and Russia and the list goes on!

Having a plan to manage change and uncertainty is a great starting point (you can check out our Scenario Planning Worksheet or complete our Survival Diagnostic). You can also check out the Business Continuity Planning resources made available by the Government.


There are three factors that will help you seize opportunities and make change:

  • A willingness to embrace change
  • A culture of innovation
  • Financial intelligence


The Change Diagnostic.

Over the years we have developed a series of tools and support services to help propel our clients into high performers. The Change Diagnostic is based on research undertaken across a number of global organisations and highlights capability, readiness and beliefs as the trifecta driving successful change. Take five minutes to find out what your gaps are as an individual or as a business.


A Culture of Innovation.

Innovation is a critical attribute for any business, in order to keep their operations as well as their products / services at the cutting edge. The Innovation Diagnostic will help you identify the top three areas that you excel in and where you need to focus to drive the business forward.


Financial Intelligence.

Financial intelligence is the ability to understand the key financial measures in a business including actual and forecasted cashflow, sales, profit margins, debt levels, equity / assets, liabilities and exposure to risk. This area is where accountants shine, so feel free to pick up the phone if you want to brush up on your financial intelligence.


When overlaid with a clear vision for the business, these three attributes and their subsequent insight will help you turn problems into opportunities and ensure 2022 goes off with a bang.


What are you going to do today to respond to change?


Are you ready to seize those opportunities? If you need a hand getting started, just give us a call.