It’s time to get focused.

To act out of courage, not out of fear.

To cut through the clutter and act on the things that matter. NOW.

New Zealand business navigated it’s way through Covid-19 in 2020, and now in 2021 we are faced with changing alert levels. Fortunately – in theory – we have been through this before. Unfortunately - we have been through this before! And this time around it is different.

Supply chains that were already under pressure will come close to breaking point. Cashflows that were robust are going to be stretched to the limit the longer the lockdowns delay the various production and manufacturing that is generated through our largest city. Orders and contracts that were placed in good faith based on cashflow will be reviewed based on post lockdown cashflow and priorities.

The focus of business owners has shifted – but this time they are fatigued and tired – they have spent the last 18 months pivoting and adapting and being as agile as the gymnasts at the Olympics! The playbook’s pages are starting to wear out.

In spite of all of this....It is time...

It is time to find the inner grit, that inner resilience, the No.8 wire attitude that us Kiwi’s are known for.

There is a lot of noise, far too many press conferences, and no life rafts out there. But the time to act is now. Not tomorrow, not a month from now. Now.

Set some time aside in your business as soon as you can to review the critical factors.

> What are the ongoing implications of supply chain interruptions or supply shortages?

> What does your cashflow look like for the next 120 days? Impacts often lag, so it is important to look further than the short term.

> What decisions do you need to make now to preserve your GP margins? Have you passed on the price increases that you have had to accept?

Protect. Preserve. Plan and above all, persevere.

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