Let me paint a picture...

Your business, like countless others, experienced huge disruption as a result of recent events. Like others, you pivoted. You identified the key opportunities that were available to you to continue to generate income and you acted. These implementations converted into revenue, continued employment, and ongoing business sustainability.

The coast cleared a little, you were able to open normal business operations again – and you continued to see opportunity with your chosen pivot. You have changed internal processes, and you are continuing to generate revenue from your pivot, as well as reinstating your original business operations.

Behind the scenes however, the pivot is causing huge disruption to your usual business operations. To put it bluntly, it is a distraction. Your team are scrambling trying to meet the needs of all your customers – the pivot is causing customer service issues and supply disruption.

Or – you may be finding that as business operations go back to ‘normal’, that your chosen pivot is quickly becoming the star! It may have opened up whole new markets for you and looking at the numbers, it could be more profitable than any other area of your business. It may become clear that your new direction should actually be your business as usual. It’s more viable and more sustainable when pursuing your pivot on a permanent, no holds barred approach.

There is an alternative here, a middle ground, where the pivot and business as usual reside in harmony together. Your pivot becomes a part of the new normal. It is a new, profitable income stream, and it integrates well into existing production and business processes. In fact, it has strengthened the current offering to existing high value clients.

Our challenge to you is simple – have you taken the time to understand how your pivot is impacting your ongoing business operations? Is it a positive new direction or an unwelcome distraction? Once you’ve taken stock of that, think about what other pivot opportunities exist for you. Don’t wait for a global pandemic to find a better way of doing business.

If you'd like to chat about whether to continue pursuing your pivot, get in touch. We'd love to help.

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