By Nikita Tomlinson

I recently had the pleasure of working with a management team of a large organisation faced with rapidly approaching change. I had only met one of the individuals before, but for those that know me, you will know that talking to a room of strangers is no longer something I fear.

The day started with introductions, and I had the pleasure of being introduced by the one person who had met me. She finished off this introduction with something that really stood out to me. She spoke about how when she had first met me, she was struck by my authenticity.

There are moments in your professional life that you tuck away, and this was one of those moments for me. I believe that honesty, integrity and authenticity are some of the most important things both in business and personal life. While you may try and demonstrate, and exhibit those behaviours, most of the time you don’t know if they are truly recognised by those you work with (or if you are even demonstrating them well).

Honesty and integrity are words that we hear everywhere – in fact, you will often see them on the wall in organisations as their core values. Authenticity though, I believe is underrated. Yet it is a characteristic that is becoming more and more valued.

The definition of authentic is describing something that is real or genuine and not counterfeit.

In the world of social media, self-checkouts, online shopping, robotic ice cream shops (Melbourne), it is authenticity and the human element that makes you stand out.

In the onslaught of noise that comes from trumpet blowing, greasy smiles and sales pitches, it is authenticity that demonstrates that you are human, that you are genuine, and that you care.

In my line of work, where I navigate the various minefields associated with organisational strategy, teams, and people, it is authenticity that I rely on. I am authentically myself. I genuinely care about my client’s business or organisation, and their people. And it is in this line of work where counterfeit, or ‘faking it’ just doesn’t cut it.

I can honestly say that if I could choose to be known for anything – it would be being authentic.

If someone were introducing you tomorrow – what would they say stood out about you or your business?

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