Last weekend I was privileged to be sitting in the Eden Park stands watching the Black Ferns and the All Blacks dominate Australia in rugby. Sitting among 50,000 people it got me thinking about teams, culture, workplaces. This is not the first time I have written about sports teams…and probably won’t be the last either. Watching these two world class teams come together, and the behaviors they exhibited on the field made me think – what if you could create a world class team in your workplace?

When you did something wrong, the team rallied around you, they told you it was going to be ok, and together you all worked on a solution to overcome the obstacle. There was no finger pointing or backstabbing, no gossiping. You came together to move forward.

When you did something right, you ALL celebrated together. Because it was a victory for you ALL. There was no tall poppy pull downs or put downs. That didn’t exist. Just genuine excitement and thrill at being able to achieve together.

Your leaders led from the front. Their attitude, their behavior, their work ethic, their commitment was the role model example for you and your colleagues. They didn’t ask you to do more than them, or to do things that they themselves wouldn’t do. They lead with courage, inspiring you to do more, and be more, and strive for more – because they do.

Where even ‘super star’ colleagues are pulled into line when they are out of line. And this is done in a way that reminds them that it is the team and the result first, and that doesn’t come at the expense of poor behavior.

Where everyone has their role, defined by their strengths and weaknesses. Everyone knows they have their job to do, and that is the most important thing to focus on. Staying in your lane, doing what you need to do, but recognizing and understanding that everyone has bad days – and pulling together to support others when you need to.

Supporting your colleagues at their time of need. Recognizing we are all human and providing support structures and people who genuinely care in order to grow people with kindness.

Where trust is absolute. Trust that everyone will do their job. Trust that you have your place, and you are supported, trained, and capable of succeeding in your place. Trust that when you mess up it will be ok. And trust that EVERYONE has your back.

If it’s possible on a sports field, why couldn’t it be possible in a workplace?

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