We’ve looked at leading from the top and how you can shape a culture brimming with these two key ingredients but it’s important to dig down deeper and look at changes you can make on an individual level.

First up, it’s important to take a good, hard look at your hiring strategy. It should line up with your overall business strategy and your business values. 

What does this actually mean? Say you have a strategy to grow as a business, to tackle new opportunities or to really breed success – then you need to keep that strategy front of mind in the recruitment process and hire employees with growth mind sets, great EQ, self-awareness and self-drive. 

Beyond hiring, you need to scaffold your individual team members. Build your team a framework for success - don’t just let them sink or swim! This framework for success could include:

  • Understanding their strengths and weaknesses
  • Training, coaching and development
  • Clear expectations
  • Building a support network around them
  • Mentoring

The importance of clarity can’t be understated. Critical to your success is:

  • Clarity around expectations – high performance expectations should be set for everyone with no exceptions
  • Clarity around the “why” of your organisation. Answer the question of why you do what you do. Communicate the reasons your product/service was developed and the problem you’re solving for customers.

If you really want to set yourself up for success, it’s important that you create accountability too – first for the team member but also for you as a leader. Doing what you say you’ll do creates that healthy company culture we’ve talked about before. 

If you need help building a company culture of confidence and self-belief, I’d love to help you change the game! Email me at nikita@sudburys.co.nz or phone 027 287 4637.