If you’ve ever played team sport, you’ll know that invisible force that can take over a team when they are winning. Like a shared shot of adrenaline, it’s the strength and drive to win, to work together and to stay ahead.

The flipside of that scenario is equally powerful. We’ve all seen a team on a losing streak and the tangible way you see their heads hang and the way they drag their feet. Disappointment settles in and those niggles clutter their head space. Suddenly they can’t do anything right, their confidence hits rock bottom and their self-belief is shaken.

When it comes to business, self-belief and confidence are vital to success. Don’t misinterpret either of those qualities as arrogance!

Here’s my challenge to you –

Let’s say your business has a goal of increased gross profit percentage. If your sales team don’t genuinely believe that your company and its offering are worth it, then how can they sell this to your customers?

Or your business may have a goal of increasing its revenue. If your sales team don’t believe that your company is better than the competition, then why should your customers believe it? Why would they pay more for your product or service?

Just like on the sports field, sales is often a mind game. As a sales person it can be easy to brush off compliments about you, your business, your team or your product – but the moment you hear a negative comment or a complaint, it starts on repeat, crowds your thinking and keeps you awake at night.

Negative feedback can often derail us and shake our confidence, impacting our belief in what we’re selling, our perceived value of our organisation, our product and our point of difference.

I encourage you to build confidence among your teams! If your business is led by this, then this will drive decision making across every level of the business. You’ll see the results in your sales team pushing for that extra margin, your call centre team selling an extra product because they believe in it or your customer service team going the extra mile to satisfy your customers.

Confidence and self-belief really are game changers.

If your team has had a few loses and needs a boost of confidence, I’d love to chat with you. Contact me via email – nikita@sudburys.co.nz – or phone 027 287 4637.