We all know the impact a great coach can have on a team’s success – they set the culture, encourage and support, keep the team focused on the goal and ultimately help them win. The flip side is that a poor coach or no coach at all is a sure recipe for failure.

While I am by no means a professional athlete, for years I have tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle and still play competitive sport. My knees may be in need of repair but I can still get round a badminton court!

My routine would look like being up at 6am, into the gym for an hour before coming home to eat breakfast, get ready for work and head out the door again. More often than not, the breakfast conversation with my wife would include me rating my work out and whether I felt like I’d pushed myself or not.

As Sudburys expanded and my calendar looked increasingly hectic, it was easier to miss the odd session here and there – most of us can relate!

Being in good health is a priority for me and it became clear that I needed help to carve out time and space to make that happen. After investing in a personal trainer I realised just how easy it was to slacken off following my own self-motivated exercise programme. When you put a trainer in the mix, excuses don’t stack up!

Now my morning work routine adapts around my time in the gym. My wife and I work out together for an hour with our personal trainer who pushes us to the limit - while being on the receiving end of plenty of verbal abuse! Then I head to the office where I shower and start my work day satisfied I’ve hit my fitness goals.

The end result is that I’m fitter physically and more importantly, mentally.

So who’s keeping you accountable and your business fighting fit?

Being a business owner can be a lonely place. Among the positives, there can be plenty of pressure and it’s hard to stay motivated. If keeping you and your business in good health is a priority for you, investing in a ‘personal trainer’ – a coach, mentor or advisor – is a worthwhile investment.

Having someone you’re accountable to makes all the difference.