Performance Analysis

Have you taken your measurements lately?

Your business success and competitive edge relies on measuring your performance. Every business is different which is why Sudburys can make sure you’re measuring the right stuff and focus on key areas that take your business from good to great.

What you can expect from Sudburys

Business planning

Fundamental to measuring your performance is having a business plan in place. We can help you set your plan and ensure you have the right objectives.

Targeting poor performance

Considering whether falling sales or profitability can just be blamed on current market conditions? Talk to a Sudbury’s advisor if you are unsure of the underlying cause of poor performance. Our team can help you reassess operational performance, cut costs or rethink your approach.

SWOT analysis

As your trading environment evolves you need to reconsider your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT). We’ll help you bring your key business stakeholders together to carry out a group SWOT analysis and form action steps from the results.

Benchmarking your firm

We can help you benchmark your performance against similar industries. Weighing up your firm's position against competitors will help you identify gaps in your offerings, as well as in your market generally.

Schedule regular reviews

Your business plan shouldn't be shelved as soon as it is written – it should be reviewed regularly. We can help you assess your objectives and measure your success - especially when market conditions or operational performance changes.

Contact us for some proactive business advice today

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